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K. M. Wade Learning Centre

Reach your ideal customers and increase revenue

The K. M. Wade Learning Centre

Learn the skills you need to attract your ideal audience and convert them into loyal customers, so you can grow your business sustainably.

Attract and convert
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Our mission

K. M. Wade’s mission is to build a better tomorrow by helping organisations that solve crucial problems, efficiently generate sustainable growth. The marketing agency branch of our business does that by delivering strategic marketing assets and consulting services. Within our Learning Centre, we do that by teaching organisations the skills they need to produce their own strategic marketing assets.

Who we help

We work with organisations of all sizes and specialise in serving small and medium businesses. Our focus is on helping you build sustainable business growth, not just make quick wins that wear off the moment you stop putting in any effort.

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Our resident marketing expert

Our founder is Dr Kelly Wade, an award-winning Australian SEO copywriter, content writer and marketing strategist based in a small country town near Canberra. Kelly is also an accomplished educator, having written several books and educational programs and spent many years doing one-on-one and group teaching and tutoring in a wide range of disciplines, from English, maths, personal finance, and chemistry to ballet, gardening, and swimming.

Why learn from K. M. Wade

We know how to…


Attract an audience

Within a year, two of the blog posts we created for a client were each attracting more visitors than the business’s homepage and between them were generating 61.6% of the business’s total website traffic.


Engage an audience

A recent email series we produced for a client achieved open rates of nearly 3 times the industry average, and click rates of more than 3 times the industry average. And we achieved this with no unsubscribes.


Convert an audience

As a result of the social media posts and media releases we delivered for one of our clients, 1200 people attended their inaugural event — that was an attendance rate of 20% more than their target.

And we can teach you how to get those kinds of results too.

So, if you want to reach more people, win more sales, and grow your business, our courses will teach you the skills you need right when you need to know them and at a price that’s affordable for small businesses.

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